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Blog: This ball of fluff saved my mental health

This little ball of fluff saved my #mentalhealth.

Before Halloumi, I worked like a dog and was permanently exhausted. I’d always wanted a dog, but where would I ever find the time? The walks, the responsibility… I was 'FAR too busy'.

Then I hit a wall that forced me to re-evaluate things. I took some much-needed time out from work – completely burned out. That’s when I decided to do more things that made me happy.

Along came Halloumi!

He’s one of the best decisions I ever made. He helps me to live in the moment. Dogs just have it nailed don’t they? They never worry about anything.

Our walks really helped me during that time and still now (January is ‘walk your dog month’ because we all need a bit of extra encouragement at this time of year!) Our walks give me time out from the stress of daily life and remind me that it should never be all work and no play.

Halloumi has taught me that it’s OK to take life at your pace. To take time out. To stop worrying so much about last week or next year. He’s also taught me that one dog is never enough (FYI - three dogs is definitely enough!)

Halloumi taught me that mental health support comes in all shapes and sizes.

I’d love to see your furry friends and hear how they’ve helped you with your #wellbeing.

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