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Helping organisations boost wellbeing in the ways it really matters


Employees who are happy and healthy perform at their best. And yet according to Deloitte, poor employee mental health is a major issue, costing UK employers up to £45 billion every year.


I’m doing my bit to change this. As an experienced Employee Wellbeing Consultant I support organisations of all shapes and sizes, developing initiatives that boost employee mental health and wellbeing and improve morale, engagement and retention. Even small changes can lead to a healthier, happier workplace culture and studies show that for every £1 spent, companies enjoy a £5 return on investment thanks to reduced absenteeism and staff turnover.


Whether you’re looking for a bespoke wellbeing strategy, mental health training for your leaders or support to improve psychological safety, I can help you develop a solution tailored to the needs of your business and your people. I can also help you embed better ways of working that reduce the risk of employee burnout.


Drop me a line today and let’s explore how we can make wellbeing work for you.


Working with FTSE 100s to dynamic start ups

My approach

Strategic, supportive and solutions-focussed

My Approach

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to workplace wellbeing. I’ll help you find the solution that’s right for your organisation, engaging right from the start with employees at all levels to understand your unique culture, values and any specific wellbeing-related challenges you’re currently facing. Working with your key stakeholders, I’ll then develop and roll out a manageable, sustainable strategy that supports everyone across the business to be their best at work and beyond.


This may include equipping leaders with the tools they need to support the health and happiness of their teams. Or creating a more open and inclusive culture, where employees feel safe talking about their mental health and know how to access support. As an experienced business transformation specialist I can also recommend more streamlined ways of working, so that employees are able to better manage their workloads and reduce stress and the risk of burnout.


In every organisation I work with, I love seeing the transformational effect a great wellbeing strategy can have on its culture. When leaders are equipped with the tools they need to maintain a happy and healthy workforce and employees feel supported and valued, everyone benefits.

Take a look at some of the testimonials from clients I have worked with. 



"I was lucky enough to work with Clare at Burberry and see first hand the impact she had across our organisation. Clare is brilliant to work with, a real value to the team and an expert in deploying wellbeing strategies and support to make sure teams can thrive. Through her knowledge and nature Clare is able to get the job done - inspiring both senior leaders and junior colleagues to support themselves and their teams.
Clare is organised, methodical and great at successfully managing multiple change projects at a time. I highly recommend Clare, and I know she would be a great asset to any organisation she chooses to work with."
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Services I offer

Whether you’re looking to build and implement a wellbeing strategy,

bespoke leadership development or support to embed better ways of working

and reduce the risk of employee burnout, I can help.

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Fractional Wellbeing Lead

Whether it’s writing new policies, upskilling leaders, implementing new initiatives or reviewing ways

of working and processes, I can work on a flexible retainer basis, leveraging my extensive experience

to make sure you can give the best wellbeing experience to your employees

without having to commit to hiring a full time wellbeing lead.


Wellbeing Strategy Consultant

An effective wellbeing strategy is much more than one off initiatives and tick box exercises.

To be sustainable and effective, a wellbeing strategy requires exec level buy in, a proactive preventative strategy

and consistency across your ways of working and company culture. Whether you currently have your

own wellbeing strategy in place or you are starting from scratch, I can work with you to build or

refine your strategy and support you throughout the implementation process.


Mentor & Coach

For leaders, HR and wellbeing professionals who need additional support when it comes to

leading mentally healthy teams or implementing effective wellbeing strategies. 

I can be your secret weapon, mentoring and coaching you while equipping you with best practice guidance

and tools to build cultures and ways of working that help your people (and you!) thrive.


Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

I am also a credible and engaging TEDx & keynote speaker, facilitator, leadership coach and workshop designer.

I deliver for audiences of all sizes and seniority both in person and virtually.  I cover topics such as burnout,

resilience, talking about mental health, psychological safety and driving efficiency to boost wellbeing.

Services I Offer

More about me

Passionate, experienced and empathetic

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I believe employee wellbeing should be part of a businesses’ DNA and I love helping organisations find the solution that’s right for them and their people. I’m also a firm believer that good leadership skills create the foundations of a great workplace culture, and it was my own 10+ year career in people management that led me to what I do today. In 2017, while heading up client operations and a large internal team for a global leadership consultancy, I became an AoEC qualified executive coach. It was from there I made the move to Employee Wellbeing Consultant - helping businesses put their people first so that they feel engaged and supported to do their best work.


I’m also a passionate thought leader on the topic of wellbeing and have written for a number of high-profile business titles, including Management Today, Elite Business and Finance Digest. 


Work-life balance is incredibly important to me and is something I strive to achieve for employees. When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending quality time with my family, which includes several members of the four-legged variety!

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