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Blog: What are your resilience builders?

I have felt my anxiety increasing over the past few weeks. I’ve noticed as my anxiety has increased, my unhelpful coping habits have increased too, which has only led to my anxiety getting worse!

After two nights of lying awake worrying about anything and everything, I’ve had a word with myself.

- The unhelpful coping habits (currently me clicking on my work email and linked-in every 2-3 minutes) are most certainly not helping me cope – they need to stop!

- As my anxiety increases, I stop prioritising my helpful coping habits (or ‘resilience builders’). These are the things that help me feel better and more capable to deal with any curve ball. They should always be my number one priority

I took some time this morning to think about the activities that I know, from years of experience, keep me sane. If you want to keep that ‘see-saw’ balanced, then making time for your resilience builders is essential.

Today I’ve exercised, set up an 8pm-8am social media blackout on my phone and used some CBT techniques to re-frame my negative thought patterns. I still feel anxious, but I feel like today I might just be able to re-address the balance.

What are your resilience builders? How can you make time for them today?

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