Passionate, empathetic and positive

I believe employee wellbeing should be part of a businesses’ DNA, which is why I love helping organisations build healthy, productive and sustainable workplace cultures.


I have a background in people-management spanning over a decade. Before becoming an employee wellbeing specialist I worked in a number of senior management level roles and prided myself on being a committed and caring manager and leader. In 2017, whilst heading up client operations for a global leadership consultancy, I became an AoEC qualified executive coach. From there I made the move to wellbeing specialist - helping businesses put their people first so that they feel engaged and supported to do their best work.


Putting your people first


Workplace wellbeing can be complex and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a solution – after all, every organisational culture is unique.


I help each business I work with find the solution that is right for them. I engage with employees at all levels to get an understanding of the organisation’s culture, values and any issues - every opinion is important and from the outset everyone should feel they are part of the process. I then develop bespoke strategies and help to embed them across all ways of working.


I’m particularly passionate about opening up conversations around mental health in the workplace. Encouraging staff to talk about their mental health is the key to creating an open and supportive environment.


Most of all, I love seeing the transformational effect a great wellbeing initiative can have on a company’s culture and productivity  – when staff feel supported and leaders feel equipped with the tools they need to maintain a happy and healthy workforce, the business benefits are easy to measure.


I also use my coaching skills to help individuals build their confidence and resilience and achieve their career-related goals.


Change is progress


Change is exciting and I love exploring new ideas and ways of working. However, I understand that change can sometimes be daunting – especially during uncertain times.


As an experienced change manager I am well equipped to lead organisations through transformations and help them overcome any obstacles along the way. As well as the technical aspects involved in any kind of change, I’m also great at engaging employees so that they feel part of the journey. I can be accountable for all elements of a strategic initiative and most of all I’m committed to providing the right solutions -  no matter the barriers faced.


Doing less achieves more


I strongly believe that doing fewer things, really well, achieves a greater end result.


As an operations specialist I’ve worked with organisations of all different sizes - from global consultancies to rapidly growing start-ups. With more than 15 years of experience under my belt I’ve overseen team restructures, rolled out new initiatives such as GDPR compliance and led on strategies to improve retention and engagement rates.

I have a pragmatic and results-driven approach – I enjoy getting to the root of an issue and working out the best way to solve it. I also have lots of experience in building and leading teams – both large and small - and motivating them to be at their best, not just so those all-important KPIs are met but so the people in those teams feel inspired by what they do.


​​More about me

​My family (which includes a wide array of pets!) are really important to me and they motivate me in all I do. Our careers are a huge part of who we are, but our time outside of the nine to five is just as important if not more, which is why I’m so passionate about helping businesses implement wellbeing strategies and work smarter so that everyone can enjoy a more sustainable work-life balance.