Putting your people first

As an employee wellbeing specialist I can help you build a happy and healthy workplace by developing sustainable strategies that support and nurture your staff. My solutions are tailored to your organisation and can include upfront diagnostics and benchmarking, culture change programmes, workshops, line manager upskilling and mental health awareness initiatives.

I also offer one-on-one coaching to help you identify your professional passion and purpose and feel more fulfilled by what you do.

My approach is empathetic, solutions focused and pragmatic and I can help you:

  • Establish a positive and sustainable workplace culture

  • Improve the ability of managers to support employees with their wellbeing

  • Open up conversations around mental health in the workplace

  • Build confidence and resilience among your employees

  • Improve employee productivity, retention, engagement and morale

  • Understand the personal motivations and drivers that help to build a more fulfilling career.

I offer the following


I can build an employee wellbeing programme and mental health toolkit tailored to the needs of your business.


I’ll assess what’s already in place, run engagement diagnostics across your workforce, interview key stakeholders, explore your company culture, review your values and HR policies and build a bespoke solution.

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Roll out

Embedding an employee wellbeing strategy takes time and effort.


I can own every part of the process for you, from engaging stakeholders and training managers to rolling out your internal communications plan.


With a strong background in change and project management, I’ll support you on every step of the journey.

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Line manager training

Management support is vital to the success of any employee wellbeing programme; managers who can spot issues, offer guidance and encourage open conversations around mental health can have a really positive impact on the wellbeing of their teams.


I run line management training and one to one coaching sessions that will give your managers the tools they need to create happier, healthier workforces.

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Healthy workplaces are ones where employees feel engaged and connected.


I run webinars that encourage mental health awareness and conversation and workshops that show leaders, managers and teams how together they can build environments that support mental health and wellbeing.

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Are you keen to develop, roll out and maintain an employee wellbeing programme across your organisation but don’t have the budget to hire somebody full-time to do it?


I can work with you from as little as two days per month on a retainer fee.

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